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Revitalize Devotion
Six Theses to Revitalize Simple, Pure Devotion to Jesus and His People

Renewed Meetings
Four Theses to Restore Simple, New Testament Gatherings

Re-Fired Ministry
Eleven Theses to Re-Fire Your Service to the Friends of Jesus

Reformed Rule
Eighteen Theses to Reform Church Government and Return God's Rule in His Church

Church as Family
Ten Theses to Recover the Reality of The Church as a Family

Rebuilding the House
Nine Theses to Rebuild the House of God Which is Made up of Living Stones

Making Disciples
Six Theses to Rekindle the Passion Fires of Making Disciples Throughout the Earth

Planting Churches
Eight Theses to Renew our Commitment to Planting Churches the Apostolic Way

True Worship
Four Theses to Return the Thoughts, Attitudes, Words, and Actions to True Worship

Godly Giving
Four Theses to Rally Resources According to New Testament Pattern

Busting Traditions
Six Theses to Replace Harmful Traditions with New Testament Practices

Reviving The Gifts
Five Theses to Reestablish the Proper Working of Spiritual Gifts Among God's People

Remedy Abuses
Four Theses to Remedy Various Abuses in Church Life