God created you so that you can know Him and live for Him forever!  The Bible says that, All have sinned and have fallen short of God's perfect standard (Romans 3:23). It also says that The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). So, how do you get a free gift? YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT!!! You start by agreeing with God that your sin separates you and He. You must realize that it is the HUGE love of God for YOU that sent His Son Jesus to die for your sins. Then you sign the "title deed" of your life to God and receive the forgiveness of your sins. Thank Him for new life! 

You might want to get a Bible and read the following verses for yourself: Romans 12:1,2;

As you get to know the Lord, in your new life, keep in mind some of the following things:

  • This new life is a life of trusting God. You no longer belong to yourself; you are His! (Galatians 2:20, I Corinthians 6:19,20)
  • Find some other people who have made the same commitment to Jesus as you have. Spend time with them. Pray for them and with them. Try to avoid hanging around people that "bring you down," particularly those who you know will tempt you to do stuff that won't please God.
  • Ask the Lord to free up the areas of sin in your life that kept you in bondage. Seek God to deliver you from these "strongholds." Ask mature Christian friends to pray for and with you to root out these long-standing patterns
  • Ask the Lord to give you the fullness of His Holy Spirit. He wants to express the powerful life of Jesus through you to others. Tell others about the Love of God you have received! Pass it on!
  • Let us know of your decision. We'll do our best to pray for you and let you know of other resources that will help you grow in Christ. 

Let us know of your decision to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. We can help you with information and friendship! Just send an email to