Robert Fitts, Sr. put this helpful list together and has used it as an outline to present a trend back to simple Christianity to various groups. Any typos are ours, not his! A great book by him is called Saturation Church Planting. This is a must read!

  1. From meeting centered to life centered (Jesus’ example, spontaneous, daily, unplanned)
  2. From Christianity to Christ (Not a philosophy, a movement, or a religion, but JESUS!)
  3. From church houses to house churches (Simplify to multiply)
  4. From upward growth to outward growth
  5. From pastor only to five-fold ministries (We need all the gifts God gave to the church)
  6. From special preisthood to priesthood of all believers (called to sacrifice & intercede)
  7. From super organization to simple organism (but the opposite of hierarchy is anarchy)
  8. From worshipping our worship to worshipping Jesus (worship is more than singing songs)
  9. From bringing people to church to bringing church to people (the prayer that ignites)
  10. From symbolism to substance in the Lord’s Supper (take it often)
  11. From denominations to Spirit-led networks (Association of Home Churches)
  12. From social respectability to SALT & LIGHT (they turned the world upside down)
  13. From performance by professionals to "every one of you" (I Cor. 14:26)
  14. From program based church to home based church (Liturgical, Evangelical, Informal)
  15. From the seminary system to the apprentice system (Omega Bible College)
  16. From tenth to total in New Testament giving (generosity with a promise)
  17. From selective submission to spiritual recognition (submit to God-ordained authority)
  18. From titles to function ("Call no man... ")
  19. From independence to inter-dependence (get connected in the city-wide church)
  20. From paper membership to Body membership (we are members one of another)
  21. From the wheel to the vine (releasing teams to plant simple churches in homes)
  22. From organizational unity to spiritual unity (there is only one step to unity)
  23. From Safeway or Circle K to Safeway and Circle K (embrace all that God embraces)
  24. From "Us and them" to "Us" (refuse to allow a divisive spirit to enter your fellowship)
  25. From planned church only to spontaneous church also (recognize ekklesia)
  26. From bondage to freedom for women (Acts 2:17-18, Gal. 3:26-28)
  27. From presbytery without the people to presbytery with the people (Acts 15:22)
  28. From arbitrary to biblical guidelines for appointing elders (I Tim. 3, Titus 1)
  29. From "my pastor" to "my pastors" (teachers, evangelists, apostles, prophets)
  30. From raising up leaders to appointing servants (the ground is flat in the kingdom)
  31. From local vision to world vision (the three pronged thrust of the church)
  32. From building my kingdom to building THE kingdom ("come and let us help you")
  33. From wall-wide church to city-wide church
  34. From fear of stealing sheep to fear of possessing sheep (Acts 20:28-31)
  35. From building-centered pastors to people-centered pastors
  36. From the word "church" to the word "ekklesia" (Acts 19:32-41)
  37. From restricted to unhindered fellowship (a member of every church in town)
  38. From overwhelming oversight to restful trust (tomato plant, beach fire, starter motor)
  39. From lecture Bible study to interactive Bible study
  40. From pyramid to level ground