The Church is not made up of physical bricks. Rather, it is made of living stones... believers. We must major on the spiritual house, and minor on the physical ones...

  Unlike The Old Testament Temple System, The New Testament Lends Slim-To-No Support For Physical Buildings For The Body Of Christ To Meet In.

Our Church Growth Should Not Be Limited To The Size Of Our Building, Or The Speed At Which We Are Able Add On To It.

  Money Spent On Buildings (Both Purchased and Rent) Tends To Reflect An Old Covenant Program. In Many Cases, Such Funds Should Be Re-directed To Efforts That Better Reflect New Testament Values And Patterns.

Many Unsaved People Are Offended By The Amount Of Money That Church Buildings Cost. Rather, If They Are Going To Take Offense At The Church, It Should Be At The Cross Of Christ Expressed In The Lives Of Believers.

  Buildings Often Detract From The Family Aspect Of The Church Of Jesus.

  Smaller Church Meetings In Homes Are A Better Way To Build And Transform Lives In The Body Of Christ.

A Growing Segment Of Both The Christian And Non-Christian Populace Will Not Enter Into A Church Building.

  We Must Not Make A Sacred Cow Of Only Meeting In Homes.

  While The "Cell Church" Concept Is Working For Some Churches, And Is A Big Step In In The Right Direction, It Is Still Not As Optimal as the New Testament Pattern.

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