We must flee traditions which do not square with Scripture and run toward patterns which do...

Many Churches Have Embraced Traditions Which Have Developed After The Close Of the First Century, While Almost Entirely Neglecting New Testament, Apostolic Ones.

We Must Be Careful Of Mimicking The Activities Of Past Brethren As Well As Not Expecting That Future Generations Will Do So With Ours.

We Need To Eliminate The Offense Of Traditions, Strange Mannerisms, And Sin In The Church Which Often Block The Unsaved From Facing The Offense Of The Cross Of Christ.

Often, The Root Of Our Misguided Traditions Come From An Improper Interpretation Or Application Of Scripture.

When The Ways Of The Culture around us (Secular Or Religious) Are Embraced In The Body Of Christ, Especially If They Preempt The Patterns And Principles That The Lord Has Given Us, We Run The Risk Of Being Ineffective At Best, And Offending God, At Worst.

The Tradition Of Some Christian Groups Of "Dressing Up" For Church Is Often A Barrier To Some Believers And Unbelievers Alike That Keeps Them From Fellowship.

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