Six Proposals For Renewing Our Passion For Jesus And One Another!

  Experiencing The Love Of God And Obeying Him By Loving One Another Must Be The Focus Of All Our Activities In The Church Of Jesus Christ. 

All Of Our Activity In The Church Must Have, As Its Goal, Christ Being Formed In Every Person. 

Hearing God’s Voice Via Listening Prayer And Cultivating An Obedient Response Reflex Must Be At The Center Of Our Individual And Corporate Prayer Activity. 

  Our Lord Never Meant For Our Walk With Him To Be As Complicated As Medieval And Subsequently, Modern Christianity Has Made It; We Must Work To Simplify The Christian Church As Exemplified In The New Testament. 

  Our Walk With The Lord Was Never Meant To Be Mediated By An Organization Or An Individual. 

Our Walk With The Lord Has More To Do With "Community" Than Most Western Christians Would Admit Or Understand. 

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