Extending the kingdom of God via Church planting is our Lord's way of growing the Church. We need to focus on His work and do it in His way...

  The Americanization Of Other Cultures During The Course Of Our World Missionary Efforts Has Been A Tragic Mistake; By Doing So We Plant A Mutated Form Of The New Testament Church.

  World Evangelization Via Mission Organizations Has Been Partially Successful, And Has Been "Plan B" At Best..

  Our Lord Never Meant For People Who Felt Called To Missions To Go Around Begging For Money For Support.

  Missionary Efforts That Create Umbilical Cords To Ourselves Foster An Unbiblical Dependence Among The Churches That We Have Planted.

  Something Is Most Likely Very Wrong With This Picture: The Newly Planted Church In Which The Church Planter Stays Too Long.

  We Should Be Aggressively Encouraging Business People To Be "Stealth Bomber" Evangelists In Countries That Are Typically Closed To Traditional Missionaries.

  We Must Remember How Vital Signs And Wonders Are In Evangelism And Church Planting.

  Church Planting Does Not Have To Take Place Via Apostles; Regular Believers May Bring The Gospel To Outer Regions And Plant Legitimate Churches.

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