Entertainment, false unity, and head knowledge without "heart" all have injected their venom into the Church. We must root these things out...

The World Of Entertainment Has Had More Influence On The Ministry Of The Church Than Most Would Care To Admit.  

  Higher Education, Principally Utilizing The Lecture Method Of Training, Has Affected The Body of Christ In A Negative Way; In Order To Make "Whole" Disciples, We Must See Training As More Than Simply Preaching And Lecturing.  

  It is Dangerous To Make Doctrinal Statements Or Church Constitutions Be Our Points Of Unification, Lest They Possibly Preempt The Unity In The Spirit We Are To Possess Having Been Joined Together By The Blood Of The Son Of God.  

  Leaders Have Unwittingly Widened The Breach Between The Truth Of The Priesthood Of All Believers And The Actual Practice Of It By Misapplying Scholasticism.  

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