Reproducing the life of Christ in others via disciple making lies in the center of God's heart. Therefore, we must be as serious about it as He is, and be diligent in doing it his way...

The "Gospel Blimp" Mentality Of Program Evangelism Is A Relatively Recent Mutation Of An Ancient, Yet Anti-Biblical Invention.

We Should Minimize Program Evangelism And Encourage The New Testament Pattern Of Equipping Each Christian To Be Witnesses In Their Sphere Of Influence On A Day-To-Day Basis.

We Must Be Cautious In Utilizing The "Convert Them And Herd Them Into A Sunday Morning Service" Approach To Evangelism And Discipleship.

An Anti-Biblical View Of Separation Has Cut Many Off From Influencing Others For Christ.

A Call To Radical Discipleship Is Largely Missing From Many Evangelistic Pleas, Calls, and Outreaches

God’s Manifest Power Will Be Available To Us In Our Outreach Efforts As We Obey His Call To Go To The Afflicted; We Must Resist The Ingrown Passivity That Pervades Church Today.

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