Helping people grow and become all they are supposed to be in the Lord Jesus Christ requires leadership... not too much and not too little... but just as the New Testament prescribes!

  A New Testament Apostolic Reformation Is Vital To The Success Of The Church In The 21st Century.

  Our Lord Did Not Intend For Church Leaders To Wield The Kind Of Control Over Other People That We Often See Today.

Leadership "Covering" In Most Traditional Churches Often Resembles More Of A Political, Military, Or Corporate Business Model Than A New Testament One.

  The Clergy-Laity Distinction Is Not Biblical And Has Caused God’s People Incalculable Damage Throughout History.

  The Gift Of Apostle Is Probably One Of the Most Misunderstood Ministry Gifts. Yet It Must Be Received If The Church Is Going to Be Truly Effective In Worldwide Church Planting.

  The New Testament Function Of Elder Is Often Misunderstood And Rarely Practiced.

  Biblical Elders Are More Than Older Men Who Are Good Businessmen.

  The Protestant Reformation Re-Instated The Truth Of The Priesthood Of All Believers, But Not The Practice.

  The Role Of "Pastor," In Today’s Modern Usage, Is Far Different From The New Testament Definition And Is Without Biblical Support.

  With Little Or No Scriptural Warrant, The Reformers Of The Sixteenth Century Simply Renamed Priests, Giving Them The Name Of "Pastor," And Retained Many Of The Functions Of Such Priests.

The Position Of "Senior Pastor" May Be More Likened To That Of A Corporate CEO Or President And Is An Entirely Inappropriate Model For The Church Of Jesus.

  For Most Churches In America, The Position Commonly Referred To As Pastor Has Turned Into A Vocation And Probably Should Not Be One At All.

  Often, The Senior Pastor Is Not Necessarily The Most Capable Teacher Of An Assembly, Yet Is Usually The One Who Does Most Of The Teaching.

  In Many Cases, The Senior Pastor Is Really A Church Planter, Evangelist, Teacher Or Biblical Pastor Who Has Settled Into A Biblically Inappropriate Role.

  The Pastor/CEO Position As We Know It Today Is Virtually An Impossible Position To Fulfill, And Can Lead To Incredible Discouragement And Burnout.

  One Of The Principle Reasons We Have Kingly, Authoritarian Leaders In The Church Today Is For The Same Reason As Israel Of Old: People Have Rejected God As Their King And Usually Cry, With One Voice, For A Single Leader They Can Point To As Monarch Over Their Church Assembly.

One Of The Best Things That Could Ever Happen To A Senior Pastor And The Church Would Be For Him To Get A Job And Share Many Of His Duties With Others.

Churches Ought To Raise Up Leadership From Within An Assembly Rather Than Hire Someone From Outside.

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