The Church of Jesus Christ is a family, not a corporation. We must embrace the community nature of the Church and shy away from institutionalism as much as possible. 

One Of Our Primary Problems In The Church Occurs When We Think God Is In His House When He Is Not.    

  The Church Today Has Largely Forgotten Its Hebrew Roots And Has Embraced A Greek Philosophy Which Has Led To An Increase In Worldly Wisdom In Its Midst. 

  The Christendom Model Of The Church Is A Failed Experiment; We Should Begin To Embrace The New Testament Ideals With Respect To The Kingdom Of God. 

  The Corporation Model Of The Church Is A Failed Experiment; We Should Stop Embracing It And Press On Towards God’s Simple Plan For His Church. 

The Church Was Never Meant To Be A Highly Organized Institution Based On Programs. 

The Church Of Jesus Is, At Its Core, A Family; Any Resemblance To A Modern Corporation, Or Any Other Institution, Is A Result Of Cultural Influence And May Not Be Biblical. 

Naming A Group Of Christians Is, In Itself, An Act Of Dividing The Body Of Christ. 

The Existence Of Denominational Organizations Within The Church Is Further Attestation To The Fact That A Full Reformation Has Never Taken Place.    

Headquarters Or Denominational Control Over Local Churches Has No Scriptural Basis And Is A Practice That Should Not Be Embraced. 

Church Membership Should Be Based On Nothing Less Or More Than A Commitment To Christ. 

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