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Ninety Five Propositions for a Return to Simple, Pure, and Powerful Christianity

If you have have been born into God's kingdom by the forgiveness that comes through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, then...

    ...In your heart of hearts you know that God's people were meant to walk together in unity with Him.

    ...You know that the Church was meant to be nothing more or less than that revealed in the New Testament.

    ...Often you have wondered why the Body of Christ has become so anemic and unable to represent Christ in a simple, pure, and powerful way. 

It is the conviction of many that there is more to being a Christian than going to a 1.75 hour service on Sunday and a mid-week prayer service, with a garnish of morality from Monday to Saturday. And that there is so much more for the church of Jesus Christ than being an organization, a lecture hall for sermons and public singing, a corporation with all the trappings of big business, etc.

Many feel that God is restoring the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ and the unity among the people who claim Christ as their savior. It is to this end that I offer the following propositions...

The Ninety-Five Propositions on this site have been divided into the following categories, listed below. By no means do I believe that these theses are without error... please let me know if you find anything in them that does not reflect what is clearly taught in the Scriptures or might not be what the Holy Spirit is emphasizing in our day.